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I didn't just wake up looking like this.

Every project is different, but the process of a commissioning a bespoke furniture piece follows the same three distinct phases:

Consultation Phase:

This is really just a free of charge, detailed chat to  establish the scope of the design. Here we will discuss the functional requirements of your piece, the space it will go into, your budget, preference of materials, design style and anything else of relevance.
The goal of this phase is to establish a design brief; a statement of intent that will direct and inform the design process.
An example of this design brief might be ”A large audio-visual cabinet with adjustable internal storage to house a range of records, books and children's toys.  Styling is to be minimal and modern with Scandinavian influences. Blonde timbers are preferential.”

If you are happy to proceed, I will then issue a quote for the design process, which I usually bill separately to the build of your item.

Design Phase:

Using the design brief as a guide, I will present you with a small number of varying designs for discussion and feedback. Presentation of these will usually be a series of sketches or 2D images .

Based on your feedback about what you like and don’t, I will then refine the designs further.
Hopefully we are getting closer to something you love and we can start to focus on some of the smaller details.
Again these will be presented as a series of sketches or 2D images.

This process of your feedback and design revision is repeated* until both parties are happy we have a functional, beautiful piece of furniture that ticks all the requirements set out in the design brief.

Once the design is finalised I will provide you with a document detailing the final design and a quote for the build of your item.

Build Phase:

Now we have decided on your awesome peice of furniture and the deposit is paid, you can relax and let me do all the work.
I will now figure out any remaining design details, how best to build it, hand select the timber and crack-on with making it.
You can follow along with updates or just wait for the final reveal if that’s your jam.

* Within reason. If it’s starting to resemble a John Farnham farewell tour, I reserve the right to increase the quote.

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